sketches! I’m gonna do a comic again soon.


"Everybody loves dolphins!"

I found this comic a few days ago and made up some voices for it, so I just HAD to voice it.

Comic made by yesthisisaaron

Voices by Me

Music: “Deep Cover”  by Sun Araw

Hope you guys enjoy it :3

Haha!! NICE

I drew this as a gift for a friend! I’ll call it… Arcade Warriors: Plunderin’ yer Tickets…

It was way nice getting into some digital painting again. Haven’t kissed that dame in many a moon.

I was looking at old stuff and found this lil’ gif I made a long time ago. Thought I’d post it because I’m a ‘desperate for online attention’ kind of guy.


Anonymous asked:

mnehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh your art is so fantastic, like waaat, teach me your ways, how on earth do you create such fantastic things??







Anonymous asked:

What's your advice to someone wanting to get into animation and go to college for it? :x


Well son, come and let me impart to you wisdom from my shallow pool of experience. I suppose my advice would be to figure out where you want to go in animation and start today in doing the things that’ll get you there. I began studying animation oblivious to how many facets there are to it. There’s character/environment design, modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, character animation, special effects, traditional animation, storyboarding, etc. I was pretty overwhelmed by all of it when I started school, and I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I spent a lot of time kind of aimlessly wandering around different things. I tried my hand at modeling, rigging, and 3D character animation for a while because I was under the impression that I’d have a better chance at getting a job if that was my skill set. But, I hated it so much. It was seriously the butts. I wish I had realized earlier on that I needed to do something that I was both passionate about and adept at. As soon as I decided I wanted to be a storyboard artist, my education became more meaningful and my work ethic increased, because I realized it was what I really wanted to do, and it was something I could be good at. Once you know exactly where you want to go, and have a clear goal, its much easier to take steps towards that and learn the skills you need to. Start networking as soon as you can with people already in the industry. They’re super friendly and helpful, I promise, and with tumblr it’s way easy to get in contact and meet professionals who could help you out. Tumblr got me my job at Nickelodeon, so I can’t talk up networking enough (and the importance nowadays of having an online presence). Draw all the time. Draw from imagination but draw from life as well. The craziest, coolest, most amazing things are around you and you should stay in touch with them. Don’t neglect reality. An animation career probably seems like a life spent behind a glowing monitor, but animation gets all its inspiration from the real world, so live in it. Which kind of leads me to my next piece of advice. If you want to make cartoons someday then I say be a cartoon today. Be happy, charismatic, enthusiastic. Have adventures, explore, take risks, love a lot, learn a lot, make good friends, discover how to be a good person. Make your life a fun story. See things from a different perspective. Find the good everywhere. These are some things that have helped me as an artist, animator, and storyteller. Just work hard, be happy, you’ll do great. Anyways, thanks for reading this hodgepodge of advice.

This was going to have a happier ending, but I became too infatuated with the idea of drawing a teddy bear smoking a crayon.

I saw this witchsona thing happening and really wanted to draw a cooler version of myself. My familiars would be three grumpy little crabs and I’d get around via roller blades…magical roller blades.

just sketching! I guess it’s a ‘draw bald people wearing gloves’ kind of day.

Some more environment practice. I may or may not have recently started reading Dragonball, which may or may not be influencing how/what I draw.

Hey friends, I have some awesome news. I get to work at Nickelodeon starting in March! I’m going to be a storyboard revisionist for C.H. Greenblatt’s upcoming show ‘Bad Seeds’, and I am super stoked to have a big kid job.

"They did not seem to understand that they were running from an opportunity to be a star."

What started off as an environment practice turned into katamari fan art.

I made myself my own brush in photoshop that I really love sketching line work with. It also makes me really want to draw DBZ characters for some reason.

Here’s an animation I did as part of a final. Audio is from adventure time! Tumblr is making it a bit weird and laggy. Oh well. 

Also wanted to say thanks because I just passed 2,000 followers! Each of you go to a mirror right now and high five your reflection. You’re the best.